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Basundi using Coconut Sugar

Homemade Basundi/Rich sweetened with Coconut sugar , flavoured with cardamom and nutmeg and garnished with dryfruits. INGREDIENTS: Organic Milk 2 cups Coconut Sugar 1 cup Cardamom powder 1-2 tsp Nutmeg a pinch Sliced almonds for garnishing  INSTRUCTION: 1.Boil organic milk for a good 45 minutes to make it thick and collect the cream . 2. Add coconut sugar, cardomom powder and nutmeg powder  3.Garnish with sliced almonds..Tastes delicious when chilled.

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is one of the most delicious, sweet-sour yogurt kadhi made with chickpea flour and yogurt and tempered with spices. It is basically a yogurt-based gravy dish that goes well with Khichdi, basmati rice, or soft phulkas. This is one of my personal favorites, and the first time I had tasted it in a kathiyawadi restaurant. Since then I love making this whenever I get bored of making Sambar and Rasam. This Kadhi is an essential part of Gujarati cuisine. They like it to be thinner, use less began, unlike Punjabi kadhi which is thicker in consistency. One thing to be kept in mind is to never cook the kadhi on very high flame and also use room temperature the kadhi won't split or curdle. This simple recipe involves a lot of aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves, cumin seeds, asafoetida which are all so good for digestion and light on the stomach. They also give a distinct and unique flavor to Kadhi and taste awesome without onion and garlic. With just

Peanut Sesame treats

If you are looking for a healthier snack that is both filling as well as healthy, and also satisfies your sweet tooth, then you are on the right page. These healthy, sugar-free, guilt-free Peanut Sesame balls are definitely the most delicious yet the most underrated desserts. It does not need baking at all and can be made in a jiffy. You just need 5 ingredients which are almost in every pantry especially the Indian pantry. This recipe requires roasting of the peanuts and sesame seeds which enhances the aroma making these treats super delicious. The other part required is blending them together to make balls. These are melt in the mouth, a very good snack for kids Snack box. My daughter loves to munch on them during her online class breaks. She also loves to have homemade biscotti's that I make. Peanuts and sesame both have their own health benefits. Peanuts are nutrient-rich, a good source of fats, protein, and fiber. Sesame seeds are rich in healthy fats li

Stuffed Mirchi bajji

Mirchi Bajjis or Anaheim pepper Bajjis are one of the most popular street snacks from Karnataka, India. These are basically Split Anaheim peppers stuffed with chopped onion and spices, dipped in a besan batter and deep-fried till crisp. These are absolutely yummy and served hot with green chutney. Right from childhood, I have such fond memories associated with this dish as these were such a special treat for us to have on the weekend evenings which my mom prepared at home along with Churmuri which is the best combo. The chilies/Anaheim peppers are basically long and are not too hot/spicy. That is the reason these are used in making the bajjis. But definitely, they have a distinct flavor which is enhanced when deep-fried. There are so many varieties of this bajji prepared differently in each state of India. All the varieties taste equally good! Here I have made a simple stuffing of chopped onions and spices. These can be made quickly when the guests come over or

Paneer tikka

Paneer tikka is one of the most popular dishes made with cottage cheese/paneer and is famous all over the world. It is basically a vegetarian grill recipe where chunks of paneer and veggies are marinated with spices and hung curd and then roasted /grilled in Oven /stovetop to get that perfect char. This is one of the famous appetizers usually served hot as a starter in restaurants and parties. For Indians, it is nothing less than emotion. We have great memories attached to this dish and we are always excited to eat this dish!! The traditional way of making these is in a tandoor. But since we don't usually have them in our homes, the next best option is to bake or grill them on a stovetop. I love to grill them on the stovetop which I think is quicker and easier. For this recipe, you will need hung curd which basically means you have to squeeze out the water content present in the curd by placing it in a muslin cloth and tying it on a high place with a bowl un

Whole wheat Cinnamon Pistachio Biscottis

Biscottis are basically Italian biscuits that originated in the tuscan city of Prato. These are usually oblong shaped, twice baked, dry, and crunchy biscuits best for your breakfast or evening tea time. These are super easy to make and you will never go back to the store-bought ones. Totally customizable, you can make any flavor you want. The basic recipe remains the same with just the change in the flavor. Since I always prefer a healthier alternative., I made these eggless biscotti with whole wheat flour and coconut sugar. I added pistachios that were in hand and cinnamon for that fall vibes which I am literally waiting to start!! These can easily be made vegan by using dairy-free milk and butter. Definitely a great snack option, especially for kids to pack in their snack box or to give them as an after school snack. Since these days my daughter is attending an online school, she likes to munch on them during the break time. It keeps her filling an

Satvik Matar ka Nimona

Peas Nimona is one of the traditional and popular satvik dishes from Uttar Pradesh made with green peas in super nourishing desi ghee. This is an authentic UP style dish that tastes absolutely amazing with the sweet taste of peas and a rich aroma of ghee. This is a soupy, spicy curry delicious and rich that can be made using many different ingredients. Here we will be making use of fresh or frozen peas. This goes well palak poor, rice or paratha. Peas being the main ingredient, the fresh earthy taste of the peas comes out through the process of making Nimona. The other ingredients are tomato, potato, and spices. All these veggies are full of nutrition and Ghee is the most nourishing ingredient in this recipe. It is especially a winter recipe as fresh peas are available at that time. But I love to make this all year long as I get frozen peas in the place I live. Let's dive into the recipe. INGREDIENTS: Fresh or Frozen Peas coarsely gro