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Basundi using Coconut Sugar

Homemade Basundi/Rich sweetened with Coconut sugar , flavoured with cardamom and nutmeg and garnished with dryfruits. INGREDIENTS: Organic Milk 2 cups Coconut Sugar 1 cup Cardamom powder 1-2 tsp Nutmeg a pinch Sliced almonds for garnishing  INSTRUCTION: 1.Boil organic milk for a good 45 minutes to make it thick and collect the cream . 2. Add coconut sugar, cardomom powder and nutmeg powder  3.Garnish with sliced almonds..Tastes delicious when chilled.

Tambittu -North Karnataka style roasted gram laddoo

. North Karnataka special...Tambittu is one of the most popular laddoos /sweet balls made for Nagara Panchami. It is a festival of praying and offering milk to Nag devata (Snake God) who is worshipped in the form of stone, clay idol, or silver idol. In this recipe, Roasted gram (puthani) is powdered and then mixed with jaggery and other items to make laddoos. These are offered as Naivedyam to Nag devata and then eaten by all in the family. One of the most traditional sweets that have come down from generations...which is not only refined sugar-free...but so nutritious and healthy since Roasted gram provides with a good amount of fiber and protein. These are also gluten-free. This is my Mother's recipe which she makes every year for this Festival. Time to treasure all such age-old healthy recipes and pass it on to our future generations. So let's dive into the recipe. INGREDIENTS; Roasted gram /Puthani 2 cups Grated/crushed Jaggery 1 cup Ghee 3/4 cup Se

Spicy and sweet Mango chutney

        Indian food is never complete without chutneys and there is a wide variety of them. Spicy and sweet mango chutney recipe is one of the easiest chutneys that you can make in Summer! It is a delicious and simple condiment made with unripe /partly ripe mangoes that are packed with flavor and goes well with almost anything!! This is my Mom's recipe which I have always loved eating since childhood. I love to pair it with any type of dosas, Idlis, Chapatis, and Rice. It can be used as a dip, spread, or in cooking. Once you buy Raw mangoes...You must keep them submerged in water till you make chutney out of it. This will make sure the mango is crisp and fresh. This is a no-cook recipe, easy to whip up and can be stored in Refrigerator. Requires minimal ingredients that are always in our pantry. It is totally customizable in terms of spices and sweetness. You must definitely try making this since it is  +Oil free +Sugar free +Gluten free +Vegan So without wa

Coconut Sugar Ice cream (2 ingredients)

Summers are never complete without eating ice creams!. Even though we can always eat them all year long since we love ice creams!!   Isnt it??  This is one of the easiest ice creams you will ever make and simply flavored with coconut flavor from coconut sugar. You will be amazed that this delicious ice cream can be made with just 2 ingredients. You will not require any Ice cream maker, Just a Freezer is good enough. Also, it is eggless, made without any condensed milk. Coconut sugar is one sweetener that I am falling in love with since it not only sweetens the dessert but adds it's a unique flavor to that dessert. You will require a pan, a bowl, a blender, parchment paper , and a loaf pan. I always love to go plastic-free and search for alternatives, as plastic leaches in any food that is heated or frozen. So this loaf pan works perfectly as you can also scoop the ice cream easily.     Without wasting time, let's dive into the recip

Bokchoy Salad with Toasted Sesame Dressing

  One of the simple, nutritious, and the best bokchoy salads that you will love as much as I do.....Trust me.! This salad consists of blanched bokchoy along with creamy toasted sesame dressing and finished with a drizzle of coconut aminos. Bokchoy is a Chinese cabbage which means "white vegetables".They have white stems and green leaves. Usually, they are stir-fried with some chopped garlic. But if you want something refreshing then this salad is for you. Toasted Sesame dressing is perfect for this salad as it is creamy, sweet, and slightly tangy. Every bite is bursting with lovely flavors. I have used Coconut aminos in place of Soya Sauce as it is a healthier alternative. You can buy it here.  This easy Asian side dish is comforting for every day and gorgeous looking for family gatherings. So let's get started with the ingredients. Serves: 4 people Total time:15 mins INGREDIENTS : For the Toasted Sesame Dressing: White Sesame seeds 1 tbsp Black se

Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito Mocktail is a perfect non-alcoholic summer drink made with sweet mangoes. Isnt it so refreshing to drink some chilled mojito mocktail on a hot summer day!!? Then, this is a very easy recipe that you can make within 5 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready on hand. This alcohol-free version is perfect for everyone including kids....they will have such fun making and sipping them. It is very important to hydrate yourself in summers when the weather is too harsh especially kids. Mangoes and limes have vitamin C which ensures you stay hydrated. These can also be served as drinks when you throw summer parties. You just need to blend good quality mangoes beforehand. Lets check out this very quick no-cook recipe. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS For the mango pulp juice; Mango pulp freshly squeezed 1 cup Honey / Organic Granulated white sugar 1tbsp (add more if mangoes are not sweet) Chilled water 1cup For Mojito Mocktail Fresh mint leaves 4-5 Himalayan pink salt   Lime

Black sesame smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are perfect breakfasts on some days for me when I am not able to cook elaborate ones. This not only satiates your hunger but also fulfills your daily nutrition. I must say Sesame seeds are basically packed with health-boosting minerals, rich in calcium, magnesium, and copper. Especially black sesame is rich in calcium and good fats that are necessary for good health.  So in order to make breakfast super healthy, I am here with a Black Sesame Smoothie bowl. Very simple and can be done quickly. You must try this recipe because it is sugar-free as you need to add honey or maple syrup. You will require a black sesame paste which is very easy to make. You can add garnishes as you wish. Let's dig in the recipe: INGREDIENTS : For the black sesame paste: Black Sesame seeds 2tbsp Honey /maple syrup 1tbsp For the smoothie: Black sesame seeds 2 tbsp Bananas chopped 2  Black sesame paste 1 tbsp Honey 1 tsp Milk/Coconut Milk 1/2 cup For Garnishing : Blackb

Grilled Corn Salsa

I am sure everyone loves a good grilled corn cob to eat...It simply tastes awesome. Here I am sharing with you a lovely Mexican inspired salsa recipe using Grilled corn and veggies. This is so healthy and along with that tastes absolutely delicious perfect for the summer season. The grilled corn has that awesome flavor which elevates the taste of this salsa.You can try this dish as a dip with tortillas or top them on tacos, I also love to mix mayonnaise to this and make a bread sandwich or mix with quinoa for a hearty main-dish salad. This recipe is very quick and includes very minimal ingredients mainly veggies and corn. You can either grill them on a Grill by preheating and turning them often until charred or roast on Gas stove directly using a skewer. You can add red jalapenos if you a nice flavor Let's dive into the recipe. Serves 2 people Total time 30 minutes. INGREDIENTS : Shucked corn ear 1 Olive oil  2 tbsp Minced onion 1/2 Finely cho