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Basundi using Coconut Sugar

Homemade Basundi/Rich sweetened with Coconut sugar , flavoured with cardamom and nutmeg and garnished with dryfruits. INGREDIENTS: Organic Milk 2 cups Coconut Sugar 1 cup Cardamom powder 1-2 tsp Nutmeg a pinch Sliced almonds for garnishing  INSTRUCTION: 1.Boil organic milk for a good 45 minutes to make it thick and collect the cream . 2. Add coconut sugar, cardomom powder and nutmeg powder  3.Garnish with sliced almonds..Tastes delicious when chilled.

Whole-wheat Foccacia - Spring Inspired🌷

Whole wheat spring Foccacia with lemon asparagus and other veggies🌷 What better way to welcome Spring than baking this beautiful spring-inspired Foccacia🌷🌷 Foccacia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread usually a combination of flour, olive oil, yeast, herbs, spices, salt, and pepper. Beautiful and delicious at the same time.I have used spring veggies like Asparagus, lemon, spring onion.Was planning to bake it for a long time and finally baked this beauty.😊 Recipe: Whole wheat flour 3 cups Active dry yeast 1 tsp Warm milk 1/2 cup Sugar 1 tbsp Water as reqd. Salt to taste Italian herbs 1 tsp Garlic powder Butter 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tbsp Cherry tomatoes, onions, spring onions, Asparagus, lemon, black olives, mushrooms for topping. INSTRUCTION: 🌷In a Mixing bowl add the yeast & stir in 1/4 cup warm milk & sugar. Keep aside for 10 min till foamy. 🌷Now add flour, salt, water, butter, 1/4 cup milk, and knead into a soft dough for 10-15 mins. Keep aside for 1 hour. 🌷Ch

Grilled Pesto Tofu Veggie Skewers 🍢

 What else can be more perfect than grilling some of our fav ingredients like Tofu , Brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers & Zucchini all marinated in a simple pesto sauce.  Believe me this vegan marination tastes heavenly 😀 Super easy if you have some pesto in hand. INGREDIENTS: Tofu 1 block cut in cubes Red bell pepper 1 cut in small squares  Brussel sprouts 5-8  Cherry tomatoes 10-12 Green Bell peppers 1 cut in small squares Zucchini 1 sliced  Pesto (homemade / storebought) 1 cup Oil for grilling INSTRUCTION:  1.If you're using wooden skewers, soak them in water for about 30 minutes to prevent them from burning. 2.Wash and prepare your vegetables by cutting them into chunks or slices, making sure they're all roughly the same size for even cooking. 3.Dice Tofu into cubes. 4.In a big bowl, take 1 cup of pesto, add in all the veggies and tofu.  5.Stir gently to coat them with the marinade. 6.Keep aside in the Fridge for 1/2 an hour.  7.Thread the vegetables and to

Strawberry Coconut Water Mocktail 🍹

Strawberry coconut water mocktail🍹(with date syrup)   This refined sugar free pretty, easy and simple mocktail with a combination of strawberries and coconut water was absolutely refreshing and unique for us. Title: Refreshing Strawberry Coconut Water Mocktail Recipe Introduction: Looking for a delicious and refreshing drink to quench your thirst? Look no further! This strawberry coconut water mocktail is the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, and hydrating flavors. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, this mocktail is sure to impress your guests. Ingredients: - 1 cup fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced - 1 cup coconut water - 1-2 tbsp Date syrup, honey or agave syrup (optional, adjust taste) - Sparkling water / Soda - Ice cubes - Fresh strawberry for garnish Instructions: 1. In a blender, combine the fresh strawberries and coconut water. Blend until smooth. 2. Taste the mixture and add honey or agave syrup if desired, adjusting the sweetness to

Vegan Strawberry Mousse

   Delectable Delight: Vegan Strawberry Mousse Recipe Welcome to our vegan culinary haven! Today, we're diving into the realm of fruity indulgence with a luscious treat - Vegan Strawberry Mousse. This delightful dessert is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a celebration of plant-based goodness.  Benefits of Vegan Strawberry Mousse: - Vegan and dairy-free: Perfect for those with dietary restrictions or a plant-based lifestyle. - Rich in antioxidants: Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that promote overall health. - Light and refreshing: A guilt-free dessert option that satisfies your sweet cravings without feeling heavy. Ingredients: Fresh Strawberries 6-7 Coconut milk 13.5 oz (398 ml) Coconut cream 5.4 Oz(160 ml) Date syrup 1tbsp  Vanilla essence 1 tsp Fresh strawberries and mint leaves for garnishing Instruction: 1.Just blend strawberries into a smooth puree without any lumps and keep aside.  2.Drain coconut milk and coconut cream (keep the water present in them

Maledi Undi / Chapati laddoos

 Maledi Undi (Chapati Laddoo) One of the Authentic traditional North Karnataka dessert recipe that has been brought down from generations and also one of the healthiest delicious laddos which I like.The recipe is very simple, so flavourful and most importantly guilt free and It is believed that these Laddoos are among Lord Shiva's favourite desserts.My Grandmother would make these laddoos in Shravana Masa on Monday's and also on the next day of Shivratri  to offer as Naivedyam to Lord Shiva after which she would break the fast .My grandmother never used to have any junk food including biscuits and cooked and served healthy simple nutritious food.High Time to carry forward those healthy food recipes to our future generations.So here comes the recipe Ingredients : To make the dough for chapati 1 Cup Wheat Flour 1/2 tsp ghee Water as needed for kneading a medium chapati dough For making laddoos: 3tbsp Ghee / Clarified Butter ¼ Cup Grated Dry Coconut powder  1tsp Gasagase / Poppy S

One pot Cheesy Mexican Rice

 One-pot Cheesy Mexican Rice 🍛 This is an amazing one-pot meal with an incredible blend of flavors and textures. Once in a while, cheese cravings can be satisfied at home with this Mexican rice a perfect cheesy dish..which can be made quickly in just one pot.No need to eat the junk from outside. Can be made vegan by using vegan cheese.  Ingredients : Olive oil 1 tbsp Minced garlic 3-4 Onion chopped 1 Green bell pepper chopped 1 Sweet corn 1/4 cup Pepper powder 1 tbsp Oregano 1 tsp Chili powder 2 tsp Coconut sugar 1 tsp Raw Rice 11/2 cup Tomato sauce 1/2 cup Water 4 cups 3 cheese blend (Mexican ) 1/2 cup Jalapeño peppers, black olives, chopped tomatoes for garnishing Recipe: ➡ Heat an Iron Skillet, add 1 tbsp olive oil, 3-4 minced garlic, 1 chopped onion, saute for 2 mins. Add 1 chopped green bell pepper, 1/4 cup Corn, salt, 1 tbsp pepper powder, 1 tsp oregano, 2tsp chili powder, 1tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp coconut sugar, Stir to combine. ➡Add washed 11/2 cup raw rice, 1/2 cup tomato sauc

Tri colour Papad Cone Chaat - Perfect Starter / Snack recipe

Tricolour Papad Cone Chaat: A Visual and Culinary Celebration Unfurl the flavors of India with this vibrant and delectable Tricolour Papad Cone Chaat! This recipe is not just a delightful explosion of taste, but also a visual homage to the Indian national flag. Imagine crispy papad cones standing tall, each proudly showcasing a different color – saffron, white, and green. Each bite is a symphony of textures and tangs, a delightful melange of sweet, spicy, crunchy, and creamy. Why Papad Cones? Papad, those thin lentil wafers, are a ubiquitous element in Indian cuisine. They add a delightful crunch to dals, curries, and even salads. But their versatility extends far beyond being a humble garnish. When gently heated, papad become pliable and can be molded into various shapes. Papad cones are a clever and fun way to elevate the humble papad to a festive centerpiece. The Tricolour Trio The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity. You only need three main components to creat